How To Store Coffee To Keep It Fresh

There's nothing worse than terrible tasting coffee (which is the main reason you are obviously buying Fah King Good Coffee!).

Even though coffee technically does not have an expiration date, it does "go bad" as time goes on.  By that we mean it loses its punch/kick/flavor.  That's why there's nothing better than fresh roasted coffee (which of course is exactly what Fah King Good Coffee is!).

So what can you do to keep your coffee as fresh as possible to get the most out of it?

Don't panic!  It's much simpler than you might think.  We got you covered.

How To Store Coffee - Keep Coffee Fresh - Good vs Evil - Fah King Good Coffee

Enemies Of Fresh Coffee
  • Air
  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Heat

Too much of all of these things will surely speed up the process of your coffee to go from great to terrible.  So of course you'll want to avoid them which leads us into the types of storage characteristics you should be utilizing.

Friends Of Fresh Coffee

  • Airtight
  • Dark
  • Dry
  • Cool

Your coffee will love you, and you'll love it back if you store your coffee in a location that has all of these friendly characteristics. 

So you wouldn't want to store your coffee in a cabinet above or next to an oven as it will just be too hot.  Nor will you want to store your coffee in a brown paper bag like the kind you used to use to carry your lunch to school.  

You're catching on...

How And Where To Store My Coffee

So now we're looking at places and containers to help you avoid the dreaded "enemies" of coffee.  You can start with an opaque, airtight container.  This will help keep your coffee away from light and air. 

Most of these containers generally look like this:

How To Store Coffee - Keep Coffee Fresh - Coffee Container - Airtight - Fah King Good Coffee

But you need a place to put this container.  A cabinet that does not get heat exposure from say an oven or the sun if the cabinet is near a window.  A cabinet located below a counter top would be ideal as long as it also avoids any heat exposure.  

Avoiding moisture from humidity is also key.  This tends not to be a major problem but it needs to be said for many people who want to store coffee in a basement without the proper humidification.  

You can find many different coffee containers on the market today, so there's no shortage of finding the right one that fits your needs.  However, it helps that the container is solid and has an airtight seal. If you do have an airtight container that is clear, you'll want to be sure that you are storing it in a dark place such as a cabinet.

How To Store Coffee - Keep Coffee Fresh - Tip - Fah King Good Coffee

 For an added layer of protection, keep your coffee inside its original bag, close it up as airtight as possible, and place that bag into your storage container.


Another key to choosing a storage container is to find one with a metal, stainless steel, or ceramic interior.  These materials are ideal as they will not absorb the aromatics of your coffee. 

You can find these types of containers just about anywhere online.  Or you can always support your local coffee shop who most likely has some as well.  (And we are not talking about national chains like the ones that rhyme with 'marducks' or 'punkin'). 

How To Store Coffee - Keep Coffee Fresh - Fah King Good Coffee
That pretty much sums everything up!  Like we said, it's much easier than it should be.  Just be sure to store your coffee in a dark, dry, cool place with an airtight container and you'll be able to enjoy your coffee the way it was meant to be: FAH KING FRESH! 

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