4 Tips To Make Sure Your Coffee Doesn't Fah King Suck

Your coffee Fah King sucks.

4 Tips To Make Sure Your Coffee Doesn't Fah King Suck - Fah King Good Coffee

Yeah, we said it.  It's not your fault, though. In fact you simply just may not know any better. Usually that's because you've been drinking the same kind of coffee for a long time. The good news is that there are no fancy machines you need to buy or any newly discovered methods of brewing, just a few simple tricks that will change your life forever.  

OK.  Maybe it won't change your life, but it sure will help change your coffee for the better!

Coffee is a simple drink, but it can be much better than you think. It's not just about the beans or how they're roasted—it's about how you brew them, too. Follow these tips for making the best cup of coffee possible at home.

1. The Fah King Temperature Matters
You've probably heard this before, but it's true. If you want the best flavor out of your beans, you need to brew at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That might sound hot, and it is, but the results are worth it. Plus, if you're using freshly-ground beans with a good grinder (we recommend a burr grinder), then they'll release their flavor at these temperatures without becoming bitter or burnt-tasting like older grinds might do if they were brewed in hotter water (which is why most people make their coffee this way).

2. Buy Fresh Fah King Beans
Funny enough, Fah King Good Coffee is fresh and roasted to order, so you're guaranteed to get fresh Fah King beans every time!  But for now, let's just assume the coffee beans you have at home have been sitting around for too long (or even just a couple weeks).  They are not going to taste nearly as good as when they were first roasted.  That means no matter what else you do well here, the flavor won't be quite right either because there isn't much to work with.

3. Freshly Ground Beans Are The Fah King Best
You can store ground coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place (like a cabinet) for a few weeks, but it's best if you use it within a couple days, since that's when its flavor will be at its peak.  For more tips on how to properly store your coffee, check out our post on that HERE. Also, it's preferable that you grind your beans right before you brew them.  

4. Use Good Fah King Water
If your tap water is hard or full of chemicals (like fluoride), those will come through in the taste of your coffee and can be unpleasant. Use cold filtered (could be bottled) water instead.  It's much cleaner and will not get in the way of the flavors of your coffee.  Stay away from the crap...uh...tap water if you can.
Now that you have these great Fah King tips, go use them!  Out of these tips, we can only control one of them and that's ensuring you get fresh beans, the rest is up to you.  So now you won't mess up your Fah King morning coffee!

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