What makes Fah King Good Coffee so good?  One word: Freshness

Our coffee is roasted to order which means your beans don’t hit the roasters until you decide what you want.  This ensures coffee gets to you in it’s freshest state and at the peak of its flavor.  Nobody wants to buy a bag of coffee that’s been sitting in a warehouse packed up for 3 months just waiting to be purchased.  That’s not good coffee, that’s old coffee, and you don’t want that.  The only thing better than a fresh cup of coffee is a fresh cup of Fah King Good Coffee!


How much does shipping cost?

It's FAH KING FREE!  Everything ships for FREE.  Nice, huh?

What’s your favorite coffee that you carry?

All of them. Duh.

Who is the Fah King?

He's awesome.  Read more about him HERE.

Can I buy coffee as a gift?

Of course!  When you checkout, just change the shipping info and you're good to go!

I ordered coffee but just realized I don’t have a mug!

Then you better order a Fah King mug right now!

How can I enjoy Fah King Good Coffee with others?

First, tell your friends they need to get some Fah King Good Coffee and drink it with you.  Or, you can head to our social media pages and share the love with everyone else who loves Fah King Good Coffee!

I'm too busy drinking Fah King Good Coffee that I'll forget to re order.  What can I do?

Subscribe!  All of our Fah King blends are available in one of 4 different flexible subscription options.  You have full control over your Fah King orders in your Account Page to make changes, pause your subscription, and cancel at any time.  

What are these "exclusives"?

These are gonna be Fah King awesome!  We currently have some partnerships lined up to collaborate on some pretty cool coffees that will be coming down the line.  Contact us if you're a business that is interested in collaborating too!

There’s a specific coffee I like but you don’t carry, how do I suggest it?

Send us an email at info@fahkinggoodcoffee.com or message us on one of our Fah King social media sites.  No promises we'll add the coffee, but we do promise to listen to the suggestion.

I like cold brew, can I cold brew any of your coffees?

Right now we don't have any coffees that are specific to cold brewing.  However, much like with anything, there are no rules saying which coffee you can and cannot cold brew.  Experiment!  Get Fah King crazy!  Try different coffees as cold brew or iced or brew it whatever Fah King way you want!  Just make sure to post those to social media so we can show everyone your creation.

I want to carry Fah King Good Coffee in my store, how do I do that?

You must be a real Fah King smart business person!  Stay tuned as we'll have a wholesale program coming in the future.