Who Is The Fah King?

Who Is The Fah King?

It’s the number one question we are always asked:  “Who is the Fah King?” 

Well, friends, we invite you to brew yourself a cup of Fah King Good Coffee and sit back while we tell you the story behind the Fah King.

Legend has it that the Fah King originally hails from the Boston, MA area.  While it’s unknown exactly which part of Boston he is from, we do know that he was involved in the Boston Tea Party in 1773.  Plus, according to those who interacted with him, his New England accent was a dead giveaway that left no doubt of his origin.

Quick history note for those who don’t know about the Boston Tea Party.  The Boston Tea Party was a political protest held in Boston by American colonists in 1773.  The colonists were upset with Britain for imposing taxes on everything (“taxation without representation”), including the highly popular beverage, tea.  It’s been said that the colonists drank almost 1.2 million pounds of it each year!  

So a large group of men, reportedly members of the Sons of Liberty, disguised themselves in Native American clothing, hopped on the British docked ships filled with tea, and proceeded to dump 342 chests of tea leaves into the water.  Sounds like one hell of a party.  

Now back to our story...

It’s said that the Fah King was there that day and one of the vocal leaders of the group.  Since that time, the Fah King was so upset with the taxation of tea that he swore off tea forever and decided he would only consume the opposite of tea, which of course was coffee.  From that day forward, the Fah King never so much as looked at another tea leaf again in his life.

For some reason or another, the Fah King (who’s real name is unknown) decided to travel the world.  Everywhere he went he would be seen drinking coffee all day long and speaking with intense highly caffeinated tones in his thick Boston accent.  

People would ask where he was from, but he did not want to risk revealing his true identity so his response in his unmistakable Boston accent was always “let’s just say I’m from fah fah away” (no, not Star Wars).  

He never gave his real name, he simply told people “you can just call me ‘King’”.  Since people all over the world who met him did not know his real name, they always referred to him as “that Fah King coffee drinker guy.”  

From those conversations, the legend of the Fah King was born.

So it seemed only fitting that we would start a coffee company in his honor.  A man so mysterious, so private, yet truly dedicated to his passion for coffee (and his hatred of tea).

For the record, while we have the same passion for coffee as the Fah King, we do not have his same level of hatred toward tea.  We happen to like tea very much. 

We hope you enjoyed the story of the Fah King.  There is much more to the man, the myth, the legend, but we wanted to make sure you knew the main background.  We highly encourage you to share the story of the Fah King in order to keep his legend alive.  And of course we truly hope you enjoy our Fah King Good Coffee and we ask that you let your friends know about it as well. 

It’s not just good coffee.  It’s Fah King Good Coffee.