Whiskey Barrel Aged
Whiskey Barrel Aged
Fah King Good Coffee

Whiskey Barrel Aged

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This medium roasted single origin coffee is aged for 30 days in bourbon barrels before being roasted to order and delivered to your doorstep.  

We don't condone drinking whiskey before you go to work, but the Fah King Good Coffee Whiskey Barrel Aged blend is the next best thing.  

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Customer Reviews

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Love this whiskey barrel aged coffee!

The bourbon flavor of this coffee is delicious! Appreciate that it's freshly roasted too. Will definitely buy again.

Nothing better than freshly Fah King roasted coffee! Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the great review!

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Lola Bær
Can you say Irish Coffee?

Ok so I drink my coffee black the majority of the time, but I do like my bourgeois coffee from time to time. The bourbon barrel blend is delicious black and perfect for Irish coffee. You can smell the bourbon blending perfectly with the coffee beans. Absolutely delicious!

We love the Fah King creativity! Thanks for the great review!

David Groot
Fantastic coffee!

Smooth, medium blend, pairs great with cigars up to medium/medium-full. Perfect for that morning smoke to start your day!

They're not lying, it's Fah King Good Coffee!

Thanks for the great review and thanks for not calling us Fah King liars!


I can't stress enough how good this coffee blend is! The flavor notes I got had a warm, sweet slight spice of cinnamon with a maple finish. I enjoyed this so much that it's one of the few coffees I can drink with no creamer and little sugar. It's great with caramel cream or vanilla flavored syrup. As a cigar smoker, it pairs so well with Diesel's whisky row. It's a great way to start your day or to have either mid-day or as an evening cup after a meal and dessert. Make sure to grab this blend and keep it as a main stay in your kitchen!

What an amazing Fah King review! So glad you enjoyed it and really glad to see people like yourself adding little extras to make the coffee so much Fah King better than it already is!

Corey Davis

The only Fah King way to start your Fah King morning!

Glad we are helping you start your Fah King day off right! Thanks for the review!