Breakfast Blend - Fah King Good Coffee
Breakfast Blend - Fah King Good Coffee
Breakfast Blend - K Cups - Fah King Good Coffee
Fah King Good Coffee

Breakfast Blend

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This is a medium roast house Breakfast Blend which is a smooth blend of coffee from South America.

Want a Breakfast Blend with a little more kick to it?  

Try our Breakfast Blend Plus which is the same as the Breakfast Blend but with an added robusta for extra caffeine!

*K-Cups are k2 compatible and work in the new systems as well.

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Customer Reviews

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Lola Bær
Perfect morning brew!

Ever walk through a garden in the Fall during harvest? That is where this blend takes me. Smooth and rich. Full of loamy, earthy notes and natural sweetness. Sipping this coffee, black, with nothing added is sipping coffee perfection. Long live the King!

This is like a Fah King poem! Long live the King indeed!

Thomas Hernandez
Smooth taste

This is the first coffee I’ve had that didn’t require me loading up on cream and sugar to cut the bitterness. It was so smooth all I needed was a little sugar. Such a full flavored coffee! Can’t wait to try the next blend!

Super smooth!

I normally take my coffee with cream and sugar. It’s call a “regulah” in Massachusetts. This coffee doesn’t need anything and it’s very smooth. There is no bitterness at all. Love this blend and can’t wait to try others!

This Fah King review is 'wicked pissah'! Glad you enjoyed it!

Cat Reese
Breakfast Blend Fans!

Tried the FAH KING Breakfast Blend for the first time. My hubby & I are some big fans! So rich and flavorful.🙌🏻🙌🏻

Thanks for being big Fah King fans! Glad you enjoyed it!