A Fah King Guide To Brewing Coffee

Your Fah King Good Coffee has arrived.  Now what? 


But how?

Are we just having a conversation with ourselves here?  

OK OK.  Here is some basic info to help you brew the best cup of Fah King Good Coffee possible.  

Fah King Grinds

Just about all of our Fah King Good Coffee (with the exception of a few specific blends) comes with an option of whole bean or three different grinds.  If you're buying the whole bean, you're on your own with how you choose to grind it.  However, if you follow the basic guide below that pertains to our grinds, you'll be in great shape.


Fah King Good Coffee - Drip Grind Coffee - Coffee Pot

This grind is for the coffee maker you've seen your entire life.  We are of course talking about the good old fashion coffee pots where you fill up the water tank, pop in a filter, fill it with coffee, and hit the start button.  Your Mr Coffee or Cuisinart coffee machines that have been in your parents kitchen your entire life. Now there are many different machines with multiple fancy functions and settings, but the Drip Grind is what you'll use.  The grind size will look somewhat similar to the size of sea salt.


French Press Coffee Maker - Fah King Good Coffee - Coarse Grind Coffee

If you're a little advanced or feeling adventurous, you could use a coarse grind in a french press or for making a cold brew.  A french press is basically a cylinder with a coffee plunger.  You press the "plunger", which has a filter, and push the coffee grounds through the water which creates a nice rich coffee.  The reason you need coarse ground is if you use anything finer, grounds can go right through the filter and it will be like having sand in your coffee.   The grind size will look chunky and bulky.  


Moka Pot - Espresso - Fine Grind - Fah King Good Coffee

Like sand through an hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives.  Probably 4 of you will get that reference.  But, that's what fine ground coffee will look and feel like...sand.  This is the grind used for espressos and mainly brewed using espresso makers and moka pots (stove top espresso makers).  The grind is packed and water is filtered through via pressure creating a nice full cup of espresso.  

How Much Water Do I Need?

How To Brew Coffee - How Much Water To Brew Coffee - Math - Fah King Good Coffee

A good general rule of thumb is for every 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, you will need 6oz of water to make a cup of coffee.  If you're just starting out drinking coffee, we recommend you start with 1 tablespoon and gradually work your way up to the full 2 tablespoons.  At the end of the day it all comes down to your taste preference.  You may enjoy a cup at 1 tablespoon and someone else may like the same coffee a bit stronger with 2 tablespoons.  

But why 6oz when a cup is 8oz?  Welcome to the land of confusion.  The standard measurement throughout the world is not 8oz for a cup so apparently to make things easier, 6oz has become a standard for coffee.  And to make things even more confusing, many coffee pots measure ounces in increments of 5. 

What?  For example, if your pot has a 12 cup measurement, that means its a 60 oz pot.  Divide that by 6 oz per cup and you really have 10 cups of coffee.  You'll get used to it the more you brew coffee.

Espressos are different in that they are made with either 1oz of water (1 shot) or 2oz of water (double espresso).

That's a lot of info but you can check out or Fah King Coffee To Water Ration Chart that is a great guide to help you brew an ideal cup of coffee. 

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