Loung Coffee - Fah King Good Coffee - My Monthly Cigars - Exclusive
Loung Coffee - Fah King Good Coffee - My Monthly Cigars - Exclusive
Lounge Coffee - Fah King Good Coffee - My Monthly Cigars
Fah King Good Coffee

Lounge Coffee

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Finally, a coffee that is brought to you by cigar smokers, for cigar smokers.

My Monthly Cigars and Fah King Good Coffee have collaborated to provide cigar smokers with a coffee blend that is the ideal pairing for any strength cigar.

Months of taste testing coffees and multiple cigar pairings have resulted in a silky smooth coffee that is bursting with rich flavor notes of cocoa, brown sugar, and buttery caramel that flood your palate. The inviting aroma and flavor profile of this coffee does not take away from the tasting notes on your cigar, but rather perfectly compliments your cigar of choice.

Lounge Coffee is post roast blend that consists of both medium and dark roasted coffee beans. This combination brings you the sweetness of a medium roast coffee combined with the richness of a dark roast. The result is a perfect strength cup of coffee that pairs well with all strength levels of cigars.

Like all our Fah King Good Coffee, Lounge Coffee is roasted to order.

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Customer Reviews

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Step and Teddy
Indeed a perfect blend!

This is by far one of the best overall blends I've had when pairing with my cigar. It has some sweet notes with a earthy finish that's smooth throughout.

So Fah King glad to hear you enjoyed our Lounge Coffee! Best part is, it's not just for cigar smokers! Thanks for the great Fah King review!

Jamie Saleski

Loved the coffee and got my husband to drink it too. He’s the cigar smoker. And the camper cup is the perfect size for him!

This is Fah King awesome! Glad you guys are enjoying the coffee and mug. Thanks for the Fah King 5 Star Review!